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Focus on Corporate Governance Requires a Business-Oriented Selling Approach
If you are selling products or services that are critical to your prospect’s success or for that matter, their very survival, your proposal will likely be

team selling approach  the sales and evaluation teams closer together focusing on a common goal—determining how much value will be derived from that investment. There is a great piece on How to Get Your Project Funded in Appendix 2 of How Winners Sell . Get in front of the board if you possibly can. You want to be in control of your destiny—in this case, the opportunity to present your proposal to the board. If you have been selling too low, you'll have no one with enough credibility and influence to get you that Read More

CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Documents related to » team selling approach

Harness the Power of Your Virtual Sales Team
Early in the campaign, the important thing is to get all your team members on the same page, share available knowledge, and plan ways to gather other required

team selling approach  campaign—you're driving bumper cars. Team selling isn't new. Its growth has been spurred not only by the proliferation and complexity of goods and services but by many other trends over the years: multiple and diverse buying influences, user empowerment in organizations, globalization, commoditization, economic uncertainty, and companies springing up and crashing down almost randomly. It all adds up to a hard reality: we can't do all the selling alone. This is Part One of a two-part note. Part Two will Read More
What’s With Ariba Selling Its Sourcing Services Team to Accenture?
My recent series about the merger of JDA Software and i2 Technologies raised the issue whether any independent software vendor (ISV) can at the same time be

team selling approach  Selling Its Sourcing Services Team to Accenture? My recent  series about the merger of JDA Software and i2 Technologies raised the issue whether any independent software vendor (ISV) can at the same time be a successful professional service provider  (even without considering a possible conflict with its service provider partners). Coincidentally or not, in early October Ariba sent a message to the market that its focus going forward will be on becoming a trading partner network provider with its Read More
Achieving Growth: New Accounts versus Up-selling to Existing Accounts
A recent survey of chief executive officers has found that growth is again the number one priority, overtaking cost-cutting as their previous top concern. Can

team selling approach  marketing, support, and implementation teams are oriented towards selling and installing new accounts, whereas in a love thy customer culture, the same departments are required but their skill sets and attitudes can be very different. Therefore, for any willing vendor, changing skill sets and attitudes is by no means easy since these two strategies require a different mentality. Further, if unsuccessful, the existing customer will likely suffer the consequences of less experienced, less knowledgeable Read More
Improving Customer Relationships: An Integrated Approach
It’s a simple idea: get a better understanding of your customers’ wants and needs, deliver on their expectations, and your revenue will increase. But more than

team selling approach  Economist Intelligence Unit’s editorial team executed the survey, conducted the interviews and wrote the report. The findings and views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsor. Jeff Siegel was the author of the report, and Debra D’Agostino was the editor. Richard Zoehrer was responsible for layout and design. Our research drew on two main initiatives. We conducted a global online survey in August 2007 of 114 executives from various industries. To supplement the results, we Read More
Finally, SAP’s Approach to In-memory Analysis
A note last week from Bradenton.com announced the availability of SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA), as well as it’s the release of SAP

team selling approach   Read More
Best-of-breed Approach to Finance and Accounting
CODA's savvy accounting and financial offerings include budgeting, forecasting, scorecards, and tools that use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets collaboratively and

team selling approach  CODA Group,finance management,merger,acquisition,budgeting,scorecards,business intelligence,collaborative solutions,alliances,best-of-breed Read More
Of Pizza and Planning: A Philosophic Approach to Supply Chains
Supply chain optimization begins not with a technological solution, but with a question: Where does the chain begin and end? Ask a manufacturer and you’ll get

team selling approach   Read More
A Structured Approach to Assessing, Selecting Enterprise Software
Lorne Goloff, vice president of selection services at Technology Evaluation Centers, gives an overview of the many factors to weigh before investing in

team selling approach  enterprise software selection,software selection methodology,TEC Vendor Challenge Read More
Lean IT Governance: The Most Realistic and Attainable Approach to IT Governance
The most realistic and attainable approach to IT governance is a

team selling approach  plan, focuses the project team on the goal of the initiative. Improve Continuously: An incremental implementation enables organizations to achieve “small wins” very quickly with relatively low cost, risk and change. The incremental approach, and the lifecycle generally, also enable continuous improvement. Keeping the entire project lifecycle in mind enables organizations to plan for and roll out the phases over time. Comparing actual results with standard templates increases the accuracy of schedules Read More
Selecting Software: A Systematic Approach to Buying Software
In our new “wired” world, software is no less important than other products and services in our everyday lives. But people are generally more used to buying

team selling approach   Read More
Trust and Competitive Advantage: An Integrated Approach
Today’s rigorous reporting requirements suggest there’s a crisis of trust among companies’ stakeholders. But scrambling reactively to implement one-off

team selling approach   Read More
Running and Optimizing IT: A Best-practice Approach
IT has long been one of the best ways to address business challenges. Yet significant obstacles at the level of IT infrastructure stand in the way. Siloed IT

team selling approach  for business and application teams to orchestrate key ALM activities in a collaborative fashion. Such a platform should allow IT to collaborate effectively with the business to capture requirements and implement them in the form of new applications or changes to existing applications. Changes should be traceable and governed according to automated approval workflows that help the organization exert control over the change process. Where possible, an ALM platform should also support the orderly deployment Read More
Customer Relationship Management Strategies Part One: Changing Your Approach
Mid-sized companies have the agility of small businesses, and are resource-rich enough to handle CRM implementation. However, without comprehensive planning

team selling approach  Management Advisory Systems Corporation,InfoWorld,Health South,World Com,Enron stocks,META group,ERP,enterprise,metrics,implementation,mid-sized companies,medium companies,CRM,customer relationship management Read More
The PLM Program An Incremental Approach to the Strategic Value of PLM
Companies that took an early adopter approach to PLM are beginning to show significant reductions in new product introduction lead times and to benefit from

team selling approach  putting in cross-functional design teams, others may see higher benefit from involving suppliers or customers in their product designs. Summary The bottom line is that companies that have had early success in implementing PLM strategies have decided to start small, but they have also decided to plan for a big ROI. By mapping out their PLM strategies and breaking it down into multiple projects they have been able to quickly adopt new practices that provide a return to the business. These returns can then Read More

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