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Data Mining: The Brains Behind eCRM
Data mining has emerged from obscure beginnings in artificial intelligence to become a viable and increasingly popular tool for putting data to work. Data

ecrm implemenations  Mining: The Brains Behind eCRM Data Mining: The Brains Behind eCRM S. McVey - November 6, 2000 Introduction While customer relationship management (CRM) gets a lot of attention, one important component is often overlooked - how a company effectively uses its existing customer data to improve customer loyalty while also identifying new potential buyers of products and services. Data mining has emerged from obscure beginnings in artificial intelligence to become a viable and increasingly popular tool for Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » ecrm implemenations

Lipstream Speaks to Kana
Lipstream, the company that provides voice enabled chat to Excite, also supplies Voice over IP software to eCRM vendors. Kana is the most recently announced

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MicroStrategy Manages Your Customer Relationships And Its Own
MicroStrategy has recently added CRM applications to its offerings. The company’s new CRM suite, eCRM7, will be generally available in December. MicroStrategy

ecrm implemenations  new CRM product suite, eCRM 7, combines the company's analytical applications with new CRM focused additions such as campaign management and tighter integration with other data sources (ERP, call center, click stream, legacy, etc.) to provide customer centric analytics. Complementing the new product suite is a change in MicroStrategy's customer service and selling strategy. The company has revamped the sales and customer support processes to take advantage of the web. The company's most notable move is a Read More
ACCPAC -- Being Much More Than Meets The Eye
By recently undertaking a number of both prudent and bold initiatives, ACCPAC International, still largely considered an accounting solutions provider, may have

ecrm implemenations  ACCPAC Advantage Series. ACCPAC eCRM On December 20, ACCPAC announced that it has acquired eWare Limited , an Ireland- based developer of CRM software. Since a private label version of the eWare software, ACCPAC eCRM , has been actively marketed by ACCPAC for the past 18 months under an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement with eWare, the product will continue to be marketed as ACCPAC eCRM. Ivan MacDonald, eWare President and CEO, Greg Casey, eWare Executive Vice President, and Alan Wyley, Read More
Astute Solutions
Astute, Inc., founded in 1996, is a fast-growing, privately held corporation helping Global 1000 companies and other leaders in their industry attract and

ecrm implemenations  for a completely integrated eCRM solution. Astute''s customers include industry leaders such as McDonald''s Corporation, Michelin North America, Levi Straus & Co., The Kroger Co., Georgia Pacific, and L''Oreal USA Products, Inc. Astute has strategic relationships with technology leaders such as Avaya (recently spun off from Lucent Technologies) as well as Interactive Intelligence, further broadening its product lines. Astute is recognized as a leader in the eCRM industry and was awarded the Ernst & Young Read More
The MicroStrategy/ Intelligroup ASP
MicroStrategy Announces ASP Alliance: Intelligroup to Deliver MicroStrategy's Intelligent E-Business™ Solutions to Small and Midsize Businesses.

ecrm implemenations  electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) capabilities in combination with its business intelligence offering, companies can analyze customer behavior and gain insight into their preferences. The company is then able to interact with its customers via web, wireless, and voice with personalized messages and offers. As part of the agreement, Intelligroup plans to send more than one hundred employees through the MicroStrategy education program in the next four months to ensure that integration will Read More
Is Something Fishy Happening To Your Website?
Freshwater Software offers powerful solutions for website monitoring. There’s a product or service for every budget and every type of site, and the customer

ecrm implemenations  the current emphasis on eCRM as a way to generate content or additional sales opportunities, Freshwater might find that its customers are spending significant amounts of money on recommendation engines without any external way to verify how well they work. Adding capabilities to SiteSeer to monitor and report on the quality of recommendations would be a nice technical coup, and an additional source of recurring revenue. Second, and much along the same lines, while monitoring of current data is what shows Read More
Symix Systems’ Slips Into Red During Its E-Commerce Transition
On April 20, Symix Systems, Inc. announced financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended March 31, 2000. The operating loss is attributed to the

ecrm implemenations  subsidiary; the acquisition of eCRM provider Profit Solutions, Inc.; a strategic partnership with Commerce One, Inc.; and the Company's on-time delivery of its eSyte e-business software suite. According to Symix these e-business initiatives contributed more than $2 million to third quarter revenue in business-to-business eCommerce software and services. The results from this quarter confirm that the enterprise systems market is fundamentally changing, said Stephen A. Sasser, Symix President and Chief Read More
The Importance of Server Robustness in CRM
In today's software frenzy and with the increasing demand for applications that provide maximum return on investment, many companies have failed to focus on

ecrm implemenations  on these principles. Wintouch eCRM is a hosted CRM solution designed by Touchtone Corporation to run on IBM iSeries servers. IBM's iSeries is an open-standard system, and has the capability of integrating diversified hardware and software. Moreover, IBM claims that iSeries can virtually run any technology. This coupled with the reputation of IBM's servers as reliable, seemly makes WinTouch a robust system. IBM today is recognized not only as a leader in large IT projects, but also as a major player in Read More
SCT Corporation Means (e)Business For Process Manufacturing
SCT has announced more e-commerce offerings for the process industries, including an expanded vision for their iProcess.sct solution called 'Collaboration in

ecrm implemenations  includes sell-side e-commerce and eCRM solutions, with planned expansion to include interactive customer service capability, and access to e-commerce applications via wireless technology. Central to SCT's product announcements are Interactive Customer Assistance components of iProcess.sct. These will enable real-time customer interaction through SCT's sell-side Internet commerce solution. Using these solutions, SCT claims that enterprises can extend Internet commerce applications with live on-line Read More
PowerCerv Finally Overpowered By The '02 Hurricane Season Part 2: Strengths and User Recommendations
Although ASA seems to have obtained an intriguing complementary product offering and a modest client base for almost next-to-nothing cost, it has to quickly

ecrm implemenations  the real-time product availability. eCRM is the Web enablement of some CRM functions featured within ERP Plus, eDashboard is a customizable Web-based screen that tracks key business drivers important to executive officers such as CEOs and CFOs, while eConfigure is a powerful Web-based sales configuration solution. PowerCerv had even attempted not to stop short at combining integrated ERP and CRM applications for mid-sized manufacturers, as it has beefed up its collaborative supply chain management (SCM) Read More
Oracle Applications - An Internet-Reinvented Feisty Challenger
It is startling how much has changed in Oracle’s applications business during the last two years. Oracle is indisputably the most reformed applications vendor

ecrm implemenations  Oracle products, particularly its eCRM suite of products, will have to decide between opting for the 'one-stop' shop hype (which means integrated suite and possibly sub-optimal functionality) and considering disparate but fully functional products from other vendors. Oracle-centric and enterprises looking for commodity CRM products integrated with the ERP system may find the Oracle product very attractive. Users are also advised to consider both the maturity and the functionality of the product in their Read More
Predictive Product Keeps Debtors’ Prison Empty
SLP InfoWare adds a module that identifies credit risks.

ecrm implemenations  has a number of eCRM players, is of interest but not a top priority at this time. However, the company has such customers as Chteau Online, an online wine merchant. The company demonstrated its ability to build product association rules and to predict repeat buying behavior. By identifying characteristics of repeat buyers and targeting e-mail promotions to them the system increased repeat buying by 60%. SLP InfoWare has a good head start, especially in its current and target verticals, but can expect Read More
Best Software Delivers More Insights To Its Partners (As Well As To The Market) Part Five: Challenges and User Recommendations
Best Software/Sage is a company that delivers products based on savvy understanding of its customers' needs, of the competitive forces in the market, and on

ecrm implemenations  leverage Clientele or ACCPAC eCRM and other non-core accounting business applications. Still, a mitigating factor for Sage/Best Software in this regard would be that most of its peers, such as Softline , Intuit , NetLedger , Exact Software and Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) do not espouse a single product line that operates on an international basis, but mostly have multiple product lines through acquisitions, that they have attempted to paste together around the world but are still largely unable to Read More

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